Medium Certified Organic Fruit & Vegetable Box


Organic Delivery Sydney

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Sample Contents

Here's an idea of what you might receive in your box. Actual contents may vary from listed due to seasonal availability & market pricing.

4 each Pink Lady Apples, 5 each Cavendish Bananas, 1 each Ruby Red Grapefruit, 4 each Green Kiwifruit, 2 each Navel Oranges, 2 each Packham Pears, 1 each Fuerte Avocados, 2 each  Beetroot, Loose, 300g  Broccoli, 2 each Medium Carrots, 1 each  Cauliflower Half, 1 each  Celery Half, 1 each One Leek, 1 each Cos Lettuce, 2 each Brown Onions, 500g Sebago Potatoes, 1 bunch Silverbeet, 4 each Imperial Mandarins, 1 each Green Cabbage Quarter, 1kg Jap Pumpkin.