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Ceres Organics Black Soybean Fettucine 200g

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At Ceres Organics we like to keep things pure and wholesome. That’s why our Black Soybean Fettuccine is made with just one simple ingredient- organically grown black soybeans! Straight up goodness. Black soybeans have long been prized in Chinese medicine, where they’re treasured for uses extending beyond food. Today they’re reaching new levels of awareness and respect, and make the ideal ingredient for a unique and nourishing pasta that can be enjoyed by all, including those avoiding gluten. This pasta is loaded with natural plant-based goodness, including over 40% protein and nearly 20% dietary fibre! And with a nutty, earthy flavour, it’s super versatile. Cook up a perfect al dente texture in just a few minutes.

Ingredients: 100% Certified Organic Black Soybeans