Payment Information


Why is my website order and my final tax invoice different amounts?

If there's a difference between your website order total and your final tax invoice, it might be due to weighted items. When your order is packed we weigh all the items and adjust your order and invoice to reflect the packed weight of all goods.

Why am I being charged a weight adjustment fee?

When you check out your order online a pre-authorisation is taken. This is not a charge but a pending amount that is held for Organic Delivery Sydney by payment provider. As per our terms of use the pre-authorisation can be up to 10% more to cover weighted items.

Here at Organic Delivery Sydney we only charge orders once they are completely packed and ready to leave the warehouse. The pre-authorisation is a way for us to ensure full payment will be available at this point.

Some of the items we sell are sold by weight and subject to market availability. It is important that we only charge you for exactly what has been sent and this cannot be calculated until the order has been packed. Once your order is packed and ready to ship then we alert your payment institution of the correct amount and claim it from the pre-authorisation.

When we have captured the correct amount, any money owing to you from the pre-authorisation will flow back into your account. From there, it’s up to your financial institution to facilitate the release of the unused funds. This process normally only takes a few days however it can take 7 to 14 days, depending on your institution.