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Eclipse Organics Muesli, Toasted Gluten Free Nutty Clusters 400g


A crunchy muesli of organic gluten free cereals, lightly toasted into clusters with cinnamon, honey and chia seeds. Clusters are blended with loads of raw nuts and seeds for perfect crunch with a lift in nutrition, protein and energy.

Ingredients: Buckwheat *, Sunflower Seeds*, Amaranth Puffs*, Pepitas*, Rapadura*, Millet Rolled*, Amaranth Rolled*, Honey *, Coconut Flakes*, Buckwheat Puffs*, Sorghum Puffs*, Quinoa Rolled*, Almonds*, Brazil Nuts*, Chia Seeds*, Cashews*, Walnuts*, Hazelnut*, Macadamia*, Pecan *, Cinnamon*. * Certified Organic.

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