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  • Power Super Foods Cacao GOLD Powder  450g
  • Power Super Foods Cacao GOLD Powder  450g

Power Super Foods

Power Super Foods Cacao GOLD Powder 450g

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Heritage Ecuadorian Organic Powder

Here's a delicious mouthful to wrap your tongue around - Cacao Nacional Arriba Fino de Aroma - the name of this heritage Cacao Bean variety found only around Ecuador (a country justifiably famous for their chocolate products). Growing near the equator results in a unique photosynthesis, accounting for its impressive nutritional content, deeper colour/aroma/flavour AND a naturally richer cocoa butter content gives this luxury Cacao Powder a smoother texture on the tongue. Mmmmmmmm... we all deserve this decadence!

Suggested Uses: So many different and delicious ways to enjoy! For example, use like cocoa powder in desserts, cookie batter, muffins, drinks, chocolate creations, raw foodie treats, smoothies, or sprinkle over ice cream, yoghurt, cheesecake, coffee or hot chocolate... feel free to experiment and become your own gourmet master chef!

Ingredients: Cacao Powder